Core Complete Training: A Systematic Approach for Aesthetic Core Development

CEC Course

Part 2 of Chris Kelly’s core series is an evidence-based tested core training program designed to build a strong and aesthetically pleasing mid-section combined with the ability to function efficiently in the real world. Through video and text you will learn the purpose for different types of unique core training exercises and methods to expand your “tool box.” Learn to progressively increase the challenge of your training programs for clients of all levels and take the entire core (versus merely the abs) to a new level of function. Part 1 Restore the Core: Integrated Core Training for Real World Function is also available .


Course Information

Authors:Chris Kelly CSCS CES PES

Education Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Prerequisites: None

  • Online Interactive Course
  • Online Quiz (30 multiple choice questions. Minimum passing score 75%)
After completing this course you will be able to:
  1. Be introduced to a core program which uses effective exercises for developing the aesthetic appearance of the core while reducing force and risk to the spine.
  2. Understand the difference between core strength and core endurance exercises.
  3. Learn the role of anti-movement exercises for endurance and movement based exercises to improve strength in training for both improved appearance and function.
  4. Discover the role flexibility and mobility plays in core exercise and core development.
  5. See and practice flexibility and mobility exercises to increase core function and development.
  6. See and practice exercises and concepts for Plank, Deadbug, Posterior Core and Vertical Core training applications.
  7. Discover ways to bridge core training on the floor with standing core training for more complete function.
  8. Learn core assessments for determining a client’s initial core fitness level, any compensations or problems, and to determine progress.
  9. Apply assessment to individualized training needs.
  10. Learn and apply core exercise training for daily and weekly programs.
  11. Understand how to integrate core training into client sessions and group exercise.