NAFC PowerCerts

Enhance your certification and create more opportunities for your training career.


NAFC Power Cert programs uplevel your primary certification by helping you further your training career through mastering genre-specific training protocols.
A power cert is a certificate program that provides education and authorization to teach a specific genre within our fitness space. A power cert requires a primary certification to be able to teach this specific genre. It is an opportunity to grow your career and increase your income. Although it does not require continuing education renewals, this course of study does require your primary certification to be maintained. And, this course of study can qualify as continuing education credits toward your primary certification!
While many special certifications in our industry require monthly or quarterly fees, NAFC power certs do not require this fee structure although some of our power certs that are choreography driven will have fees associated for new choreography, however, these updates are at your discretion.

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Advance your career  by adding a PowerCert and earn CEC toward your next primary certification renewal.

Chronic Disease and Exercise PowerCert
Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Intervention PowerCert
Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention PowerCert
Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water PowerCert

Special Populations

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Intervention

Save the brain! Learn how to work with your existing clients for brain health and preservation, those that are at risk for AD, and those with dementia and early stage AD.  Read More…

Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention

Working with breast cancer patients and survivors can be very rewarding! Learn 3 kinds of interventions (land, water, and Pilates-based exercise) to help clients prepare for and recover from breast cancer surgery. Help your breast cancer clients survive with quality of life. Read More…

Chronic Disease and Exercise

Specialized education for working with clients with cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes/metabolic syndrome. Read More…


Transitioning Personal Training from Land to Water

Take your personal training skills to the water and add a whole new client base. Learn the properties of water and how they translate to safe and effective water exercise cardiovascular formats and resistance training. Read More…

Sports Nutrition

Performance Nutrition and Sports Supplement Coach

Enhance your nutrition knowledge. Nutrition is an important component in guiding your clients to successfully achieve their fitness goals. Learn how to knowledgeably provide nutrition support to your fitness participant, weekend warrior, and athlete clients. Read More…

Pilates Advanced Training

Pilates Coach Mat 2

In Mat Level 2 students will focus and refine their understanding of the body and movement efficiency. Students will gain a deeper understanding of proper form and function to ensure student safety at all training levels. In addition, students will begin to utilize props and tools in their delivery of Pilates matwork instruction and will refine their instructional presentation of education to students. Read More…

Pilates Coach Reformer 2

In Reformer Level 2 you will further refine your skills as a seasoned Functional Movement Specialist. Learn the broader meaning of functional movement concepts using the sure-fire method approved by the NAFC and the Pilates Coach. Level 2 teaches advanced reformer skills and exercises, and uses tools to aid and enhance instruction. Read More…

Equipment and System Based Training

ICG Stages (Indoor Cycling)

ICG Stages will prepare you to safely and effectively teach indoor small group or group fitness cycling.

Read More…

Core X System (Specialized Equipment)

Integrate CORE X SYSTEM drills into your current Circuit classes, use it with personal training clients, or teach a 30-minute choreographed group fitness training class. The Core X resistance-based program is portable resistance on the go and beefs up your toolbox with innovative and fun training applications. Read More…

Power Rebounder (Specialized Equipment)

Power Rebounder utilizes low‐impact springboard mats, known as “Rebounders”, which allow participants to experience a high‐intensity class but with low stress to the joints, bones, muscles and heart. Learn how to teach a power rebounder group fitness class or utilize a rebounder in small group and personal training. Read More…

NoBarreRequired (Exercise System)

Learn how to teach and facilitate a NoBarreRequired small or large group training that incorporates the concepts, principles, and exercises of Pilates, Ballet Barre, Core Stability, and Yoga training to improve posture, balance, and flexibility. Read More…

TrueBar Certificate (Exercise System)

This TrueBar™ course is based on science and the pathways to create conscious movements with beneficial, subconscious results. It gives fitness professionals new and necessary strategies, tools and techniques to develop individual programs consisting of corrective exercises which will enhance the lives and mobility of their clients. Read More…

Transformations Program (Lifestyle Change System)

Learn how to take your clients to the next level with the Transformations™ Program. Learn how to teach an 8-week, all encompassing, accountability and exercise program. This course is designed to teach you to be a Transformations™ Coach or bring the Transformations™ Program into your club or studio. Read More…