Core X System

Authors: National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC) and Alex McKechnie

With the Core X System, clients will stabilize their entire core, decrease their chance of injuries, and increase coordination, speed, and agility. Through the use of this proprietary system and training techniques, Core X complements all activities of daily living and sport-specific movement. A full body workout in just 30 minutes! This system is being used in rehab and with amateur and pro athletes all around the world.

Education Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: NAFC Personal Training Certification, Group Fitness Certification, a College Degree in the Fitness Field, or an approved Equivalent.

Target Audience: Health-Fitness Professionals, Allied Health and Medical Professionals.

Course Content

Course Content:

  • CORE-X Course Equipment
  • CORE-X System introduction document
  • CORE-X System Workshop Packet
  • CORE-X PDF Manual or Interactive Virtual Workshop, or Live Workshop
  • CORE-X Videos
  • CORE-X Online Theory Exam
  • CORE-X Practical Live or Virtual Exam
  • CORE-X Music
  • CORE-X Evaluation Tips

Time to Complete: 18 Months to complete Examination Process

Course Access: Continued access with updates available

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the purpose of the CORE X SYSTEM.™
  2. Describe the benefits of the CORE X SYSTEM.™
  3. Explain how to safely and effectively apply the theory (and benefits) of training from the inside out in all 3 planes of motion.
  4. Recognize how to guide a client through the proper set up, troubleshooting, and intensity adjustments of the CORE X SYSTEM Device for each individual.
  5. Explain how to demonstrate, instruct, and correct sport specific exercises in the areas of group fitness training and small group training environments.
  6. Identify the differences between using the CORE X SYSTEM™ in the group fitness and small group training environments.
  7. Explain how to safely and effectively train and progress clients of all fitness levels within the safety guidelines of the NAFC PowerCert™ and CORE X SYSTEM™ Training.

CE Values:

Continuing Education credit is included in the price of this Power Certificate Program. Successful completion of the course content and course examination(s) is required to receive continuing education and the Power Cert Certificate of completion.

NAFC 1.0

CORE-X Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Core X Equipment
Online Exams
Interactive Program
Virtual Workshop
Educational Support


Live Workshop

Core X Equipment
Online Exams
Interactive Program
Live Workshop
Educational Support


Product Includes:

  • CORE X SYSTEM Device with Arm & Leg Attachments
  • CORE X SYSTEM Lower Body Intensifier
  • CORE X SYSTEM Travel Bag

Unit Price $59.95

  • Individual Pricing: 1-9 $59.95 each
  • Small Class Pricing: 10-19 $44.95 each
  • Medium Class Pricing: 20-29 $42.50 each
  • Large Class Pricing: 30-49 $39.95 each
  • Small Gym Pricing: 50-99 $37.45 each
  • Large Gym Pricing: 100+ $33.00 each
  • Over 100: please call NAFC 1.800.324.8315

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