About NAFC

NAFC Share the Passion

We build successful leaders in the health and fitness industry.

Mission Statement

We are changing the way the world does fitness instruction and delivery. We do this by adhering to a strict set of educational standards, creating and administering curriculum that truly prepares our students to succeed in this industry, and influencing the industry to require a higher level of regulation regarding training adherence and body movement science.

We give our students the education to become certified and to have an advantage that others don’t in the fitness industry. NAFC, with its higher standards and focus on practical application, helps our certifieds to be truly respected and relevant in their newly chosen career. And, we provide several career pathways and training depth for our certified trainers that continue to challenge and create opportunities for them in their chosen career!

When NAFC certifies and educates trainers, we not only teach them how to train, we provide them with the skills needed to succeed in the business of training.

Why Choose NAFC?

  • NAFC is a Certification and Training Organization for fitness professionals. We specialize in delivering curriculum with focus on a very hands-on and practical approach to fitness, corrective movement, and healing the human body. NAFC certified fitness professionals enjoy exposure in more areas of health and fitness than just the health club arena.
  • NAFC provides a robust curriculum for 7 primary certifications. These certification programs have been carefully constructed to deliver training for our students so they may find relevance in the fitness, health, and wellness industries.
  • NAFC is different from the other certifying organizations. Our emphasis is on practical application and our students’ development of real skill sets that are applicable to today’s growing job market. NAFC is career-oriented. The health club arena is not. Not just a piece of paper, our certifications deliver solid learning to our students that translate to confident trainers, instructors, and coaches making real, impactful changes with their clients, and in their careers.
  • NAFC students enjoy a variety of learning formats as they progress through our certification and continuing education programs. Through our interactive learning platform, virtually delivered practical workshops, live hands-on workshop options, and our unique theory and practical testing methods, we appeal to most every learning style. NAFC is there for our students every step of the way.

The NAFC is proud of our certified instructors. We congratulate the 95% of students who pass our certification process and move forward in achieving their goals as successful fitness professionals! Together we enjoy this high success rate because the NAFC provides you with thorough, in-depth training to prepare you for success before testing. NAFC certification and continuing education prepares and supports you to thrive, both in your education and professional career.

NAFC graduates are proud to be affiliated with an organization where you as an individual truly matter.