Governing Board

NAFC was established by a group of forward-thinking fitness professionals, representing expertise in fields of Exercise Physiology, Adaptive Physical Education, Medicine, Nursing, and professional Lifestyles and Nutrition Coaching. Their desire was to enhance current fitness certification standards by providing access to a convenient, comprehensive, yet practical and affordable fitness education. The Governing Board is comprised of individuals who are assets to NAFC due to their various backgrounds and expertise. They advise, govern, and oversee the policies and direction of the organization.

The Board will at all times be comprised of at least a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board is comprised of the founding members of NAFC, and members of the administrative staff who jointly oversee the activities of NAFC with the collective goal to carry forth the mission of our organization to the general public.

NAFC has established a structure to ensure appropriate stakeholder involvement by clearly defining responsibilities and boundaries respective to each position within NAFC governance regarding the representative positions held by members of the governing body. This consortium rotates on an annual basis for the assurance of the balance of the program.

As an independent and autonomous organization, NAFC will not permit any individual to participate on the governing board if they are stakeholders in any other fitness certifying organization thus ensuring no inappropriate influence by any outside body.

Mike LeBoss

Executive Director & President

Mike LeBoss has been involved in pioneering the fitness industry for over 35 years, and was instrumental in developing the “self-start” philosophy in approaching athletic training to maximize his clients’ self-actualization in their sport training programs. He has rigorously upheld the principles of correct Body Mechanics and proper form throughout his career as a leading fitness consultant and educator.

Mr. LeBoss is the founder of Mefit™ Fitness Centers in Portland, Newport, and Sheridan, Oregon, and currently holds the position of Executive Director for the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC), after serving as an NAFC master course presenter for over 12 years. He is co-author of a training manual on Bio-Mechanics for the National Board for Certified Sport Trainers (NBCST), targeted at educating trainers about the importance of risk/benefit training and applied Body Mechanics.

Behind his full-time commitment to spreading wellness in his professional endeavor, Mike is a NBCST Master Instructor, NAFC Certified/NAFC Master Instructor, NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist, SPIN Instructor, and is Madd Dog Athletics Certified.

William Singer, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

William Singer, Ph.D., earned his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Oregon State University. Dr. Singer was awarded the Washington State Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Community Service, having completed his internship training at Community Psychiatric centers in Seattle, Washington. He has held faculty undergraduate and graduate professorships at The University of Puget Sound and City University in Seattle. He was also awarded a Graduate School teaching appointment at Oregon State University.

Dr. Singer’s clinical, private practice has spanned 37 years, coaching and counseling families, couples, individuals and children. He is Nationally Board Certified Counselor and a National Board Certified family therapist with a special interest and experience in motivational, Sports Psychology. Dr. Singer has provided direction for athletes seeking a path to increased athletic and personal performance. He is the Executive Director for Institutional Affairs & NAFC Non Profit, serving as mentor and advisor for individuals, professionals and organizations.

Dr. Singer’s practice combines inspiration, motivation and a blueprint for life-balance between professional effectiveness, vocational and personal growth. His experience and knowledge as therapist, teacher, coach and business developer have afforded him insights into a broad range of life’s issues which he passionately shares with others.

Amanda Hockema

Director of Operations
Amanda Hockema is NAFC’s Director of Operations, managing the full range of administrative, logistical and operational duties in a wide variety of program areas, including human resources, budgetary oversight and providing operational leadership for NAFC’s core and consumer business. Amanda develops and directs programs designed to meet the needs of the organization and staff.

Ms. Hockema brings more than 10 years of experience in the management of private corporate enterprises. She has an extensive formal education and training background in fitness, including fitness center management, sales, group fitness instruction and personal training.

Steve Chewning

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Chewning has over 40 years of experience in computer engineering and information technology. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He started his career with Hewlett Packard developing desk top computers and has held several technical and management positions including Vice President of Engineering at Penril Datacom, Director of Product development at Digital Communication Associates, and Director of Integration Services at American Modern Insurance.

In 2003 Steve was one of the founders of Fitness Learning Systems. FLS produces and distributes interactive online continuing education courses for the Health Fitness industry. Since 2012 Steve has served as the Director of Operation for FLS.

June Chewning

Director of Education

June Chewning has been serving in the fitness industry since 1978 as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, master trainer, content creator/provider, education service provider, fitness editor, and domestic and international presenter.  She taught elementary physical education for 6 years before completing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Enhancement.  June served as president and owner of Health Enhancement and Fitness Services (a corporate and community wellness provider) for several years, and owned/managedHarrison Health and Fitness Center (a full service fitness facility) for 18 years.  She served as an Aquatic Exercise Association Training Specialist for 18 years, edited the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual and the Aquatic Fitness Research Journal (a peer reviewed professional journal), served on the AEA Research Committee, and worked as an education consultant.  She is 2-time recipient of the Contribution to the Aquatic Fitness Industry Global Award.  June served as adjunct Faculty at Cincinnati State College 14 years, and has developed several college curriculums and taught many courses for their Health Fitness Technician degree program.  She is president and education director for Fitness Learning Systems, an IACET accredited education company developing and providing quality eLearning continuing education and services for the health-fitness industry.

Kristi Smith MBA

Director of Customer Experience

Kristi Smith holds an MBA and is an authority on sustainable, healthy growth in organizations and Lean Enterprise implementation. Her focus is in sustainability and scalable growth allowing for stable implementations that are built to last. Kristi has 20 years of results managing people and projects, developing and facilitating training programs, and optimizing business processes and operations.

Scott Hays, Ph.D., ND

Formulations Analyst and Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Scott Hays is a nationally recognized nutrition and supplement formations expert. He is also a naturopathic doctor well respected in his practice. A key member of the formulation teams that have created an array of popular supplements and sports nutrition products, Dr. Hays’ products have collectively grossed over $1 Billion in global sales. Dr. Hays is a leading authority on alternative health and has served as a nutritional advisor for a variety of private medical groups. He also has acted as the director of an alternative cancer clinic and has been a holistic practitioner. Dr. Hays earned his Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from the International Academy of Nutritional Sciences.