Has your certification expired? NAFC is currently offering a limited time opportunity to get re-certified without paying any late fees or penalties.

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NAFC Re-certification

NAFC offers approved CEC courses through NAFC website.  Check out the Continuing Education Tab on NAFC home page to see NAFC pre-approved quality accredited continuing education opportunities.  New courses are frequently added to the website to give you opportunities to take courses to help you grow your career and expertise.

When you complete the CEC requirements needed for re-certification, you must submit your CEC Certificates of Completion (or have them available on “Your NAFC Profile” under the “Your Files” tab) for any courses or workshops you attended and Petition Documentation if necessary.  You must also provide a copy of your current CPR card or put an image of your current CPR card on “Your NAFC Profile” under the “Your Files” tab.

Renewal Fees and Process. There are no annual fees, however you will need to submit a re-certification fee when you submit your required continuing education credits every 2 years.  For more information about the NAFC Certification Renewal Process, please Click Here.  You can use the Online Re-certification Renewals below for each certification to complete your re-certification process.

Re-certification Fees
Certification Renewal  $75.00
Renewals for 2 or more Certifications purchased at the same time  $65.00 each

Re-certification Continuing Education Credits
At this time NAFC does not require you to have different CECs for each certification you renew.  If you have more than one certification to renew, for example Personal Trainer (2.0 cecs) and Reformer 1 (1.5 cecs), you can use the same CECs (the 2.0 for the Personal Trainer re-certification) for both certifications if you renew them at the same time.  You get a discount for renewing both, you can use the same CECs, and you set your renewal dates to be at the same time 2 years later.  If you have multiple certifications, NAFC highly recommends that you take CE course content relevant to all of your certifications so that you may continue to hone your skills in each area of practice.


  • A copy of your expiring certification
  • Proof of current CPR certification
  • Verification of all hours and credits you have taken – copies of completion certificates
  • A cover letter or outline of your CECs earned

Please upload each of your required documents for re-certification to “Your profile” via your student portal.

NAFC Re-certification: Personal Training Certification
2.0 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Group Fitness Certification
2.0 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Nutrition Coach Foundations Certification
1.5 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Wellness Consultant Certification
1.5 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Yoga 200 Certification
1.5 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Pilates Coach Mat 1 Certification
1.5 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Re-certification: Pilates Coach Reformer 1 Certification
1.5 CECs Required for Re-certification

NAFC Power Certs

NAFC Power Certificate programs are designed for specialty training applications and can be used for continuing education credits toward Certification Renewals. NAFC Power Certs do not have continuing education requirements or a renewal process.

NAFC Approved Providers

In addition to NAFC approved CEC courses offered on the NAFC website, NAFC has an approved provider program, granting NAFC pre-approval for many courses without the need for a petition process or fee. There are NAFC CEC approved courses listed on the growing and changing Approved Provider Page.

NAFC accepts continuing education courses from most accredited organizations and colleges. Courses that are not pre-approved by NAFC for CE credit may be subject to a Petition Process and Petition Fee.

Course Content/Completion Verification. You can attend workshops, take home-study courses, fitness-related college classes, or watch video courses/webinars. Whichever option you choose, you must keep records of your continued education completion including your Certificate of Completion.  All courses you take from NAFC will automatically be tracked and you can view them in Your NAFC Page.  You can upload additional CE Certificates of Completion and other documentation to “Your NAFC Profile” under the “Your Files” tab to track and have available when you apply for re-certification. All courses must be completed within your re-certification 2-year renewal period.

Petition Process.  You will need to provide Petition Documentation and pay a Petition Fee ($25.00 per petition) for the following:

  • Courses you take that are not pre-approved by NAFC. Courses pre-approved by NAFC for CECs do not require a petition process or fee. (NAFC will be listed as a CEC provider on your Certificate of Completion.) Use the NAFC CEC Course Offerings and Approved Provider Page to find courses that are NAFC approved and do not require a petition process or fee.
  • Official College Transcripts can be submitted for college courses without needing the petition process, fee, or documentation. Clearly indicate which course(s) you are using from the transcript for re-certification CEC credit.
  • You will need to submit CEC Petition Documentation for any CEC education that does not supply a Certificate of Completion.
  • See the NAFC Petition Document for more information.

Requirements for NAFC Approval of Courses that require the Petition Process

  • The course must be authored by a properly qualified or certified professional with clear credentials to create and present continuing education courses for fitness professionals.
  • The course content must be created and applicable for continuing education for certified fitness professionals, not information created for the general public.
  • The education level and language of the course must be appropriate for a certified fitness professional.

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Once you have completed the purchase, the CEC Petition From will be available in your student account under “Your Study materials.”