NAFC Approved Providers for NAFC Continuing Education Credit

Back Stability: Integrating Science and Therapy +I5:I44 – NAFC 2.0
Cancer and the Older Adult – NAFC 0.4
Combined Training: Evidence-Based Practice Strength and Conditioning Programming – NAFC 0.5
Developing Agility and Quickness for Sport Performance – NAFC 0.6
JrFit Youth Fitness – NAFC 2.0
Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Prescription – NAFC 1.0
Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription for All Ages – NAFC 2.0
Strength Training Older Adults – NAFC 1.2
Corrective Exercise Program Design – NAFC 1.3
Empower Self Defense Phases 1 & 2 – NAFC 2.0
Empower Martial Fitness Kickboxing – NAFC 2.0
Understanding Muscles and Movement – NAFC 1.4
The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness – NAFC 2.0
Janda System of Evaluation and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance – NAFC 2.0
Nutrition for Special Dietary Needs – NAFC 1.0
SrFit Mature Fitness – NAFC 2.0
The Complete Corrective Exercise Library – NAFC 2.0
Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise – NAFC 1.7
Fundamentals of Structural Assessment – NAFC 1.3
Exercise and Cancer Survivorship – NAFC 1.1

The Midas Touch: Golden Clients in Their Golden Years – NAFC 0.2
Training Aging Bones and Muscles – NAFC 0.2
Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence – NAFC 0.4
Stop the Fall BEFORE it Happens–Balance and Stretch for Aging Populations – NAFC 0.2
Training Towards and Away From Knee and Hip Replacement – NAFC 0.3
Training Injured Clients – NAFC 0.3
Increase Your Income with Online Video Group Training: NAFC 0.2
Expand Your Reach with Online Face to Face Training – 0.2
Boost Your Business With a Better Business Plan – NAFC 0.2
5 Ways You’re Losing Your Clients – NAFC 0.2
Technology is Your Friend — Using Heart Rate Training to Get More Out of Your Clients – NAFC 0.2
Helping Your Clients Become Their Best! – NAFC 0.5
Zen, Science and Better Client Results – NAFC 0.4
Making EVERY Client a Success: A Tool Kit for Behavior Change – NAFC 0.2
Nutrition for Fitness Professionals – NAFC 0.3
Teaching Weight Loss Strategies – NAFC 0.3
Strong Minds Strong Bodies – NAFC 0.2
HIIT for Clients: Getting More with Less – NAFC 0.2
Youth Fitness – NAFC 0.4
Growth, Discovery & Programming for the 6 – 9 year old – NAFC 0.2
Fit Kids for Life: Reversing Childhood Obesity – 0.2
Reinventing The Wheel: Fitness and Adapted PE for the Autism Population – NAFC 0.2
Ace the ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) – NAFC 0.2
Maximize Your Profit Starting NOW! – NAFC 0.2
Optimal Nutrition for Teen Athletes – 0.2 NAFC
Nutrition as Medicine – 0.2 NAFC
Boxing for Parkinsons and Senior Fitness – 0.3 NAFC
Helping Clients with Pain Management – 0.2 NAFC

More NAFC CEC Providers Coming Soon!

Become an NAFC Continuing Education Provider

Our Continuing Education Provider Program is designed to provide educational opportunities for NAFC Certified Fitness Professionals to enhance their professional knowledge and capabilities. If you are interested in offering courses once or multiple times per year, please complete and return the course application, the signed agreement, and the appropriate fees.  Provider applications require up to a 4-week review/approval period prior to NAFC CEC approval.

 NAFC Continuing Education Provider Application