Pilates Coach: Foundations of Movement

CEC Course

Developing the eyes of a critical thinking trainer starts here. This course will assist new as well as seasoned instructors to be more adept at assessing body types and to determine appropriate movements for each. Learn to do initial postural assessments necessary prior to working with any new client. Develop skills of looking at individuals as a whole by observing their gait and the way they move. A prerequisite for Mat 1 & 2, or CEC.


Course Information

  •       Online Interactive Study
  •       Online Theory Exam (50 multiple choice questions minimum passing score 80%)

After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe the Foundations of Movement for the Pilates method.
  2. Demonstrate how to teach the correct form for mat-based exercises.
  3. Identify core stabilizers and their functions.
  4. Explain the history of Joseph Pilates and the development of the Pilates method.
  5. Analyze the importance of the Pilates principles and how they are applied for optimal results.
  6. Describe safety and how to modify exercises for an individual or in a group setting.
  7. Teach and utilize these exercises in personal training and group fitness settings.
  8. Demonstrate safety and how to modify exercises for each individual in a group setting.
  9. Gain a new perspective in training that will enhance your knowledge and skillset as an exercise professional.
  10. Be able to offer your clients something new!