Anatomy and Physiology

CEC Course

NAFC’s Anatomy and Physiology course presents essential knowledge for which all health-fitness professionals should have a firm grasp and understanding. This course keeps you in touch with basic anatomy and function as it pertains to functional movement patterns. The opportunity to periodically review and deepen your basic anatomy and physiology knowledge for muscles, bones, joints, and metabolism keeps you top of game with your clients and programming. This visual and fun course is a great way to boost your base knowledge.


Course Information

This NEW NAFC expanded course includes:

  • PDF Manual
  • 17 video lectures with animation
  • 6 memory games to help you retain the knowledge

After completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Identify 11 Systems in the body.
  2. Describe the types, characteristics, structure, and contractibility of muscle tissure.
  3. Describe the structure and shapes of bones.
  4. Discuss the musculoskeletal system as a lever system and the 3 classes of levers in the human body.
  5. Identify the types, structure, and movement potential of joint in the human body.
  6. Recognize the role of flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, and the energy systems used in exercise.