A Modern Approach to Exercise During Pregnancy

CEC Course

The female body is structurally different from the male body both anatomically and in its need for pelvic alignment and health. Working with the female body before, during, and after pregnancy requires a working knowledge of female anatomy in all three stages to prepare, accommodate, and restore a woman’s body to alignment and health. This course reviews female anatomy and the anatomy of pregnancy to guide you with pregnant clients. Learn the importance of breathing and posture, guidelines for exercise, contraindications, special considerations, and safe exercises for pregnant clients. Knowledge is key to safety and effectiveness in exercise for your pregnant clients.


Course Information

Author: Danielle Noblitt Spangler BS, NASM, Certified Applied Functional Science Gray Institute

Education Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Prerequisites: Recommended Basic Certification in Fitness Field Minimum

  • Online Interactive Course
  • Online Quiz (55 multiple choice questions. Minimum passing score 75%)
After completing this course you will be able to:
  1. Identify female anatomy and the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy.
  2. Describe the role of 6 body systems in pregnancy and the stages of labor and birth.
  3. Recognize the role of nutrition in a healthy pregnancy.
  4. Describe 5 aspects of exercise during pregnancy and special considerations for pregnant clients.
  5. Identify proper screening and assessment for exercise for a pregnant client.
  6. Describe the role and importance of posture and breathing for a pregnant client.
  7. Identify guidelines for cardiorespiratory, strength, and flexibility exercise during pregnancy.
  8. Describe 5 underlying exercise techniques for exercise during pregnancy.
  9. Explain how to safely and effectively perform 30 exercises during pregnancy.