Transformations™ Coach

Authors: National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC) and Dennis Dumas

This course teaches you how to use an eight-week nutrition, accountability, and exercise program led by a coach that offers a number of sessions at least four days per week. This program is designed to create a healthy, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle that will drastically improve the overall fitness level, strength, and well-being of each participant. Transformations™ is an all-encompassing, sustainable lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise program. It’s the first of its kind to include marketing and networking systems, scheduling and payment/payroll templates, and detailed direction on sales, on-boarding, retention, and management.

Education Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: NAFC Personal Training Certification, or a College Degree in the Fitness Field, or an approved Equivalent.

Target Audience: Health-Fitness Professionals, Allied Health and Medical Professionals.


Course Content

Course Content:

  • Transformations™ Coach Manual (Click here to see course objectives)
  • Transformations™ Interactive Study
  • Transformations™ Packet
  • Transformations™ Coach Instructional Videos
  • Transformations™ Video Slides
  • Transformations™ Coach Theory Exam
  • Transformations™ Coach Practical Exam

Time to Complete: 18 Months to complete Examination Process

Course Access: Continued access with updates available

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the psychology behind working with participants and why this is critical in practical application.
  2. Explain how to safely and effectively conduct Fitness Assessments.
  3. Describe how to use the NAFC’s ANSER™ principle to promote proper form.
  4. Describe how to make exercises accessible to all levels of fitness.
  5. Identify basic training skills in the art of presentation, education, and effective communication.
  6. Discuss how to market yourself as Transformations Coach.
  7. Identify the process and prerequisites required for Official Transformations™ Coach status.

CE Values:

Continuing Education credit is included in the price of this Power Certificate Program. Successful completion of the course content and course examination(s) is required to receive continuing education and the Power Cert Certificate of completion.

NAFC 1.0 
NESTA  1.0