Reinstatement Amnesty Opportunity!

Did you miss your Re-Certification deadline and now your certification has expired?

NAFC is offering a one-time opportunity to get reinstated without paying any penalties or late fees.

Here is how the program works:

  • First – You fill out and submit the “Application for Reinstatement Amnesty” online form below.
  • Second – Purchase and complete your required 2.0 CEC credits. We have made the CECs easy by providing some CEC bundle packages that total the required 2.0 CECs and are offered at a 30% discount. You may also choose to purchase and earn an additional NAFC certification to earn your required CECs. As with any normal re-certification the CECs you submit must have been completed within the 24 months preceding the date you submit your re-certification.
  • Third – you will need to complete the normal re-certification process including paying the normal re-certification fee and providing proof of a current CPR certification.

Please Note: in order to take advantage of this program you must submit your application and purchase your NAFC CECs or certification courses by January 31, 2021. You must also complete all your courses and submit your re-certification by April 30, 2021.

Application for Reinstatement Amnesty

  • Talk to us about your desires to renew your certification. We’d love to hear how you have used your certification in the past and what your plans are to build your training or coaching practice with your renewed certification! Please write at least 5 sentences telling us how your renewed certification will help you and those you plan to train or coach:
  • Please Indicate the date your Certification(s) expired
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this application! Upon receipt, we will review your application and contact you within 5 business days to follow up. We may request additional information prior to granting amnesty from the reinstatement program for which you have applied.

    Amnesty will be granted automatically upon completion of this application for all applicants who have completed their certification program within 5 years of application date. Certifications that have expired more than 5 years prior to completion of this application will require additional review.